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On the Go, At the Table, In the Kitchen

100% of our packaging falls into at least one eco-friendly category:

  • Sustainably-sourced raw materials

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable

We are encouraging our Guests to recycle to-go containers by placing recycling indicators on to-go packaging.


We began testing smart restaurant technology to identify ways to reduce energy cost in the Heart of House. As a result of implementing this technology, we have been able to coach our operators on behaviors that reduce energy use—such as turning on kitchen ovens only when ready for use versus at the beginning of each day and ensuring we update and replace equipment in a timely and environmentally responsible manner. Additionally, we have taken the following actions: 

  • Replacing fluorescent bulbs through a phased approach in the Heart of House with LEDs, which will reduce kW load by 50% in our kitchens.

  • Supporting lower emission vehicles through electric car chargers in approximately 20 restaurants.

  • Installing low water urinals in new restaurants and where maintenance is required across the country.

  • Replacing tank-type water heaters with tankless to save energy and only heat water on demand.

  • Recycling cooking oil at all restaurants.

From prior sustainability initiatives, we see continued impact:

  • Natural gas usage reduced by upgraded equipment for cooking, heating and cooling.

  • Annual electricity saved by LED efforts, upgrading equipment and energy conservation behavior changes.

  • Water saved per year by “dipper well” conversion.

  • Gallons: Saved per year by transitioning to more water-efficient dish machines

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